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Annabel Mason


Annabel is the reigning European Junior Mountain Running Champion, and one of the UK's brightest female endurance runners. There is nothing more Annabel loves than running and racing on the fells.

But don't be deceived, Annabel is a fierce cross country runner and equally at home on the parklands and XC races of the UK, winning the English Schools XC Championships in 2013. Expect to see Annabel in the GB vest once again this year, challenging for medals on the European and World stage!

Mentor in 2013 - Emma Clayton

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN RUNNING? I have been running for about 9 years now from when I was 7 years old.

YOUR HIGH-POINT OF YOUR CAREER SO FAR? The high point of my career so far must be representing GB in the European and World Mountain running championships. They were both set in incredible places and I loved the atmosphere!

AND LOW-POINT? So far I've been fortunate not to have any injuries so I'm hoping to keep it that way!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE RACE? I love to race, especially in the fells! A very memorable race was at West Witton.

WHAT WAS THE TERRAIN LIKE? Steep and wet with plenty of tricky wall jumps! Not to mention howling winds and thick mist so you could only see a couple of metres in front of you! 

WHAT SALOMON KIT DO YOU GENERALLY USE AND ENJOY THE MOST? I've only just joined Salomon but I love wearing the Speed cross - I find the grip is fantastic in mud and snow!

HOW DO YOU TRAIN DURING THE SEASON? As hard and as much as I can! Fell running season is the best time to get outdoors and enjoy yourself! I do a lot of cycling to build my endurance and lots of fast and hilly runs which I love!

WHAT WOULDN'T YOU RUN WITHOUT (SHOES DON'T COUNT!) My watch - It's the most useful tool to use in training.?

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE TRAINING ROUTE? Local to where I live, I love to have a burst round Whitley Woods after school. On a weekend, I sometimes go to Greenfield and run up and down the hills there. My favourite place ever to run though is at Sedburgh! It's such a beautiful and peaceful place.

PRE-RACE MEAL OR SNACK? I love porridge and muesli and live on it!?

WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE TRAINING OR RACING PARTNER? My Dad is definitely my favourite training partner as we share an obsession with running! He was the one who got me interested in running.

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